Dec 132011

I have been sketching lately in order to improve my drawing skills. I know I am still making lots of mistakes, the proportions are wrong, the shading is horrible, etc… But I am quite happy with my improvements and I am really enjoying it, so I guess I will keep drawing and posting the results once in a while… 🙂






Nov 272011


This is another sketch I did while watching Formula 1 on TV. The race wasn’t very interesting so I took my sketchbook and I tried to draw one of the commentators. I quite liked to draw someone from the TV. I like the variety of people you can see on it and how you have to capture it as quickly as possible. It is something I will definitely do again to keep practising.

Nov 202011

I have been always trying to learn to draw. A few weeks ago I bought a copy of  The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and I think this book is awesome! The thing I really like about it is that is teaching how to improve your perceptual skills rather than your drawing skills.

This is a quick sketch I did before I read the book. I was trying to draw one of the pictures from this webpage

This is another quick sketch I did of my son while he was watching TV after I read the book.

I know the last sketch is still far from being good, but I’m quite happy with the improvement and I think finally I am going in the right direction.. 🙂